Chastened for Audacity

The article in Hindu titled “Facing up to Kashmir realities” left me empathizing over plight of India under the rule of some corrupt and narcissistic leaders. To throw light on the subject here is a jist of the incident –

Kashmir’s Chief Minister Omar Abdullah in a recent State Assembly made two audacious statements for which he was criticized by opposition parties. Firstly, his honest acknowledgment of the fact that Kashmir’s crisis was a political turpitude and secondly that Kashmir is an issue between India and Pakistan.

These statements by Mr. Omar should be appreciated and could have been accepted as an opening for some permanent settlements for otherwise impeccable problem. Rather a deluge of outrage raised against his statements and he was left shattered for his honest acknowledgments. This remains to be one of the core problems of Indian politics which not only provides problems an insolvable status but also outcasts some good leaders who really think for the country’s future and prosperity.This incident is just a small spec and there are many such incidents and happenings which are deplorable.

I whole heartedly wish that someday I get to see a better face of Indian politics. 


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